Meditation practice: Body Scan

Body Scan

A Body Scan brings mindfulness into the body to raise awareness of our physical experience. It originates from Buddhist mindfulness and is widely used in secular practices.

451 audio tracks

Meditation name: Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep
Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep · 27:29
1.63m plays · Cory Cochiolo
Meditation name: Decrease Anxiety & Increase Peace
Decrease Anxiety & Increase Peace · 18:44
369.71k plays · Andrea Wachter
Meditation name: Body Scan 30 Minutes
Body Scan 30 Minutes · 30:00
284.6k plays · Elisha Goldstein
Meditation name: The Center of Now
The Center of Now · 24:19
155.27k plays · Tara Brach
Meditation name: Power Nap
Power Nap · 29:44
141.79k plays · Andrew Johnson
Meditation name: Body Scan
Body Scan · 20:34
119.09k plays · Elisha Goldstein
Meditation name: Body Scan Meditation
Body Scan Meditation · 15:20
110.46k plays · Kate James
Meditation name: Off to Sleep
Off to Sleep · 28:22
83.92k plays · Kirsten Doessel

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