December 23, 2017 824 likes 161 replies

Hello my friends

Some of you may have noticed a new update in both app stores over the last few days. I encourage you to download the update if you haven’t already.

Below is a summary of what’s included:

- Extra Time
We added ‘extra time’ to guided meditations. When a guided meditation finishes, simply continue sitting. After 10 seconds an additional counter automatically appears on screen. When you’re ready to finish, open your eyes and click the second counter. Both the Guided Meditation time and the Extra time will be added together, and logged in your stats.

- Sleep Mode
Sleep Mode deactivates Extra Time and automatically logs your session once the guided meditation finishes. It also closes your screen automatically. Select this new feature by clicking the new ‘9 dots’ icon which appears on various screens on the app.

- Post Meditation process
We’ve reduced the number of screens after your meditation has finished, which means there are now less steps to complete a session.

The update also included Offline Mode, which is our first paid feature pack. For a small monthly fee, you can:

- Download guided meditations to your device for offline listening
- Fast Forward / Rewind
- Listen on Repeat Mode
- Pick up where you left off

Finally, two quick comments for our Android users

1. We believe we have fixed the audio issue which was causing guided meditations to cut off randomly. Please let us know you still experience any issues.

2. The recent update included a small bug which was causing a ‘dead-end loop’ for some users after a Timer session. We’ve just released a second update which solves this. Please make sure you’ve download 12.7.3

Many thanks