Meditation practice: Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation acknowledges and pays attention to feelings and thoughts. With roots in Buddhism, mindfulness meditation is widely practiced in a secular context. It focuses on bringing awareness to the present and making observations with openness, curiosity, compassion and composure. It helps recognise habitual thoughts and tendencies without judgement.

1712 audio tracks

Meditation name: Mindfulness for Deep Sleep
Mindfulness for Deep Sleep · 10:01
177.3k plays · Glenn Harrold
Meditation name: Body Scan Relaxation
Body Scan Relaxation · 07:40
172.06k plays · Andrew Johnson
Meditation name: Morning Rain
Morning Rain · 20:50
163.72k plays · Riley Lee
Meditation name: Meditation for Deep Sleep
Meditation for Deep Sleep · 10:23
151.84k plays · Melissa Ambrosini
Meditation name: Connect to the Calm Within
Connect to the Calm Within · 21:03
120.1k plays · Diane Yeo
Meditation name: Our Call to Presence
Our Call to Presence · 17:09
114.93k plays · Sarah Blondin
Meditation name: Mindful Awareness Meditation
Mindful Awareness Meditation · 09:39
112.77k plays · Kate James

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