Meditation origin: Consciousness


The origin of Consciousness is one of the great unanswered questions of our time. Different theories stem from religion, philosophy, and cognitive science. Generally speaking consciousnes is the awareness people have of themselves and their environment. Various states of consciousness are associated with different brainwave patterns that can be altered and raised through meditation. Accessing a higher consciousness through meditation can awaken our awareness of thoughts and emotions, of both ourselves and others.

1282 audio tracks

Meditation name: Deep Sleep Guided Meditation
Deep Sleep Guided Meditation · 61:05
2m plays · Kenneth Soares
Meditation name: Relax & Sleep Well
Relax & Sleep Well · 29:19
861.5k plays · Glenn Harrold
Meditation name: Learning to Surrender
Learning to Surrender · 08:07
438.4k plays · Sarah Blondin
Meditation name: Full Body Relaxation for Sleep
Full Body Relaxation for Sleep · 66:00
409.5k plays · Memory Lane
Meditation name: Just for Today
Just for Today · 10:00
346.7k plays · Tom Evans
Meditation name: Moon Dreams for Sleep
Moon Dreams for Sleep · 59:56
275.5k plays · Ryan Hurtgen
Meditation name: Nothing Here But You
Nothing Here But You · 18:49
271.8k plays · Mooji

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