Meditation practice: Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation or mindfulness derives from the Vipassana tradition in the school of Theravada Buddhism. It focuses on experiences such as hearing, seeing, chewing, tasting, touching, smelling, pain, thinking and moving. Attention to the physical body and patterns of the mind can create a mental awareness which keeps attention grounded in present reality.

324 audio tracks

Meditation name: Coming Home to Being
Coming Home to Being · 21:18
280.5k plays · Tara Brach
Meditation name: A Pause for Presence
A Pause for Presence · 11:43
271.21k plays · Tara Brach
Meditation name: Letting Life Live Through You
Letting Life Live Through You · 16:57
207.91k plays · Tara Brach
Meditation name: Calming the Worried Mind
Calming the Worried Mind · 10:50
120.64k plays · Lisa Machac
Meditation name: Journey Through Pain
Journey Through Pain · 45:31
119.35k plays · Andy Hobson
Meditation name: Finding Inner Ease
Finding Inner Ease · 23:35
42.83k plays · Oren Jay Sofer
Meditation name: Experience Stillness
Experience Stillness · 16:40
41.47k plays · Lama Yeshe Rabgye

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