Meditation practice: Manifestation


Manifestion Meditation helps bring about positive changes in life by altering thoughts. An estimated 60,000 unconscious thoughts occur per day, the majority of which are negative. Similar to affirmation meditation, this practice can be goal-oriented and harnesses positive intent. 'Law of Attraction' is an example of using the power of manifestation to bring about changes in life.

178 audio tracks

Meditation name: Law of Attraction & Abundance
Law of Attraction & Abundance · 20:18
950.38k plays · Gale Minchew
Meditation name: Manifestation Meditation
Manifestation Meditation · 09:38
290.1k plays · Melissa Ambrosini
Meditation name: Welcoming Abundance
Welcoming Abundance · 11:32
168.28k plays · Melody Litton
Meditation name: Discovering Your Dharma
Discovering Your Dharma · 16:10
66.23k plays · davidji
Meditation name: Manifesting Miracles Through Raising Your Vibration
Manifesting Miracles Through Raising Your Vibration · 18:20
41.76k plays · Kim Newing - Mama Goddess

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