The 3 Secrets Of Manifestation

What have you already brought into your life – by your direct choosing of it, as the result of doing what you have always done, of not choosing something different? What have you manifested that you don’t want?
Dorothy Ratusny is a psychotherapist specialized in Cognitive Therapy and conscious spirituality.
how to manifest
Dorothy Ratusny is a psychotherapist specialized in Cognitive Therapy and conscious spirituality.

Psychotherapist Dorothy Ratusny reflects on how we are always manifesting, even without noticing it, and shares the three secrets of how to manifest – anything.

I remember watching an interview some time ago that Oprah gave; describing how after she read ‘The Color Purple’, she wanted to have a part in the upcoming film version. I believe that she also made it known that she was very interested in having a role in this film.

Oprah described a very intense focus – a determined laser focus of her desire that she ‘rehearsed’ for many weeks, until one day she received a call. It was ‘the call’ that offered her a part in the upcoming film version of the book.

At the time, Oprah describes not realizing that she was purposefully manifesting a future desire – yet this is a perfect example of how we can wield the power of our mind – disciplined in focus towards what we want – as our certain reality.

How To Manifest: We Are Always Doing It

It is the mind that charts the course for how you will live. It is the heart that offers the deepest yearnings for what you must do.

In the beautiful nature of your life, you are a co-creator with the universe. If you believe that you are a part of the greater whole, that you are not separate from source energy, then what you are able to manifest is the result of your choosing – of using your free will to decide what will be. It is this simple – we only need to decide everything that we want.

As you practice being far more attentive and observant of your thoughts, you will see how you are always manifesting. Your thoughts determine how you feel and your mood state influences the kinds of thoughts that you think.

You are always bringing into your life what you desire most as well as what you do not want – all of which is determined by your focus and the energy directed towards something.

How To Manifest – Anything: Manifestation Practice

  1. Think of something right now that you would like to witness, to experience, to know; perhaps to be – something that is important and meaningful to you and that you desire strongly. Focus on this now. See the perfect ‘having of this’ in the best possible way.
  2. Take a few moments to visualize this desire already existing in the present. Feel the emotions that accompany this desire. Does this desire feel exciting? (If not, think of a desire that elicits excitement and that feels energizing and expansive when you imagine the having of it.)
  3. Focus on the having of what you want. Focus intently on one thing. See it in your mind as it is unfolding, and then as it is complete here and now. Take your time.
  4. Notice any feelings – and where you feel them in your body. For example, if you desire to be healthy and fit and you are imagining yourself as this, how do you feel as you visualize this as if you already are this – presently.

Making Your Desires Your Reality

Manifesting is seeing (and feeling) the future of what you want now in this moment; and then taking the steps to make this your reality in the physical world.

“I AM” is perhaps the most powerful two words that you could ever use to manifest. Pretend that what you want is already what you have and what you are. What you may have enjoyed in childhood as daydreaming and imagination, continue to be a powerful secret in bringing all that you want into your life – now.

Daydreaming, imagining, pretending and ‘make believe’ are all ways of describing how to manifest.

Shift Your Focus

When you wish to manifest something that is more complex or that may require some time in order to come to fruition – say like completing a college degree or writing a book — you may at times feel like giving up on what you want when it doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough; or if you decide that it is not possible, too much work, or that in some way you don’t really deserve having what you want.

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As adults, we can become distracted by what isn’t working and what problems we need to fix. This can become our constant focus – without realizing that this focus brings about more of the same.

One of the secrets to manifesting is to focus on the outcome that you desire most – regardless of the fact that it may not be your current reality. Remember that manifesting is co-creating; it is bringing to you something that you do not yet see.

If you become distracted by and focused on what currently is when and what is not what you desire, then this can be discouraging. Instead, continue to manifest what you want – as you move in the direction of this.

Of course, it goes without saying that you must also always be grateful, thankful – for what you currently have – and the having of what is still on its way to you.

The Secret Of Manifestation In Daily Life

Give yourself some alone time to practice manifesting using your imagination and intentional focus.

As you go about your day, take a few moments at a time to stop whatever you are doing and see and feel this desire wholly.  Use the new language of ‘I AM’ to instill this as your new reality. Let yourself feel the feelings that arise and revel in these feelings for a time. This is how you manifest most effectively.

Let these three guiding secrets help further with manifesting all that you want in your life.

  1. Use your free will to choose.
  2. Be unwavering in your certainty of what you want and hold belief of this.
  3. Direct the energy that wields all things by holding your focus unto what you desire most as you act as though this is already here – now.

Bonus Secret #1: Be grateful for what you are bringing into your life, before it even arrives.

Practice stating what you want quietly and aloud which means that you have clarity about what you want. Choosing is how you initiate the momentum of what you desire – into the physical world.

How To Manifest? Take Action!

As you are focused on what you desire be deliberate in your actions.  Begin to live your life as if what you are asking for is already in your life. For example, if you want to be more positive and friendly and to have more friends, begin to live this now. Take the action steps. Be positive and friendly. Consider the kind of friendships that you are looking for and seek these out. Your imagination of this desire and your willingness to live this now is how you manifest it fully.

We are all manifesting in each moment. You manifest when you bring what is wanted (desired) into the material world. You are able to manifest some desires instantly.  Each time that you are thirsty – you likely reach for a glass of water.  This is manifesting.

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Be Autonomous!

All of your actions begin as a thought, an idea, a desire. Knowing that you are always manifesting makes you more accountable to your thoughts and to the actions that you take. This also means that you have a great deal of autonomy; everything is yours to decide. You align yourself with your desires by “asking” – by being clear about what you want – and then as you take deliberate action towards this. When you hold absolute certainty of something desired — whether it is information that you need or to be able to accomplish something – your focus must be deliberate and steadfast, as you take the steps towards this.

You co-creating with the universe may happen in an instant or it may take several weeks, months or even years depending on a number of other factors. ‘Receiving’ an answer to a question is something that you can manifest quite instantly. Having all of the pieces in place towards something that may be of a larger scale may require your continued focus and attention towards this.

Remember, it is your job is to be ready, to hold the course, to not give up, to be clear as to what you want, and also flexible in how it shows up. Be bold in the asking and ‘seeking’ of your desires – without settling for anything less. See if you can practice the laser focus that will direct what you want into your life.  You’ve already been doing this. Now as you co-create more, do so with deliberate choice.  Let your manifesting be how you live your dream life.

Enjoy the process of manifesting. Imagining what you want is meant to be enjoyable and uplifting.

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