Meditation benefit: Vital Energy

Vital Energy

Vital energy is a form of energy that underpins all biophysical and biochemical processes. The fluidity and consistency of its flow can maintain health in the physical body. Meditation and healing practices can direct vital energy through conscious intent to achieve a state of balance.

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Meditation name: Yoga Nidra: Freedom Nature
Yoga Nidra: Freedom Nature · 30:14
383.93k plays · Jennifer Piercy
Meditation name: Shiva Mantra
Shiva Mantra · 09:47
40.16k plays · Prashanti
Meditation name: Cleanse your Chakras
Cleanse your Chakras · 29:00
37.59k plays · Gina Hardy
Meditation name: Allowing Life to Touch You
Allowing Life to Touch You · 07:00
37.57k plays · Sadhguru
Meditation name: Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditation · 32:10
36.32k plays · Olivia Rosewood

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