Meditation benefit: Workplace


Regular meditation promotes mental clarity, alertness, and laser-like focus, helping people efficiently accomplish tasks in the workplace. Meditation is also a way to manage stress and increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction, leading to collaboration, creativity, cognitive flexibility and effective decision-making.

80 audio tracks

Meditation name: Sound Healing Meditation
Sound Healing Meditation · 06:37
20.23k plays · Sandeep Khurana
Meditation name: Peak Performance Visualization
Peak Performance Visualization · 11:12
9.77k plays · Rebecca Smith
Meditation name: Moonsong
Moonsong · 04:30
6.99k plays · BAO
Meditation name: A Flight Through The Deep
A Flight Through The Deep · 10:19
5.72k plays · Marcel Cantoni
Meditation name: Creating Your Life’s Work
Creating Your Life’s Work · 25:05
5.55k plays · Kristoffer Carter
Meditation name: How to Relax: Track 2
How to Relax: Track 2 · 12:58
5.29k plays · Andrew Johnson
Meditation name: Ain't Work Grand!
Ain't Work Grand! · 05:08
4.42k plays · Yogijoe
Meditation name: Achieving Success
Achieving Success · 04:06
4.17k plays · Amy & Annabel

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