Meditation practice: Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation uses the breath as a tool to focus awareness on the present. It can be achieved by observing breathing sensations or counting the breath. The breath is also used as an anchor in many other practices to achieve a sense of calm and peace.

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Meditation name: Morning Ritual
Morning Ritual · 10:02
1.13m plays · Jason McGrice
Meditation name: Breathing Meditation
Breathing Meditation · 08:43
719.88k plays · Jack Kornfield
Meditation name: Breath Meditation
Breath Meditation · 09:49
364.63k plays · Sharon Salzberg
Meditation name: Mindful Breathing
Mindful Breathing · 14:09
285.34k plays · Thich Nhat Hanh
Meditation name: Rise and Shine
Rise and Shine · 05:44
283.49k plays · Andy Hobson
Meditation name: Relaxing Your Mind
Relaxing Your Mind · 07:00
251.24k plays · Lama Yeshe Rabgye
Meditation name: Let Stress Melt Away
Let Stress Melt Away · 04:38
174.23k plays · Vanessa Loder
Meditation name: Morning Meditation at Amma's Beach
Morning Meditation at Amma's Beach · 20:41
113.81k plays · Jonathan Lehmann

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