Meditation benefit: Abundance


An abundance mentality opens us to new possibilities and leads to creativity. By contract, a mindset grounded in scarcity is restrictive, which can make us feel anxious and fearful Meditation and the use of affirmations help shift the mindset from scarcity to abundance.

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Meditation name: Law of Attraction & Abundance
Law of Attraction & Abundance · 20:18
729.27k plays · Gale Minchew
Meditation name: Honoring Life
Honoring Life · 09:14
155.23k plays · Sarah Blondin
Meditation name: Welcoming Abundance
Welcoming Abundance · 11:32
131.97k plays · Melody Litton
Meditation name: Discovering Your Dharma
Discovering Your Dharma · 16:10
59.27k plays · davidji
Meditation name: Afirmações de luz: Meditação Matinal
Afirmações de luz: Meditação Matinal · 17:00
56.24k plays · Marise Berg Nutri Veg Ayurveda
Meditation name: Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation · 07:28
28.51k plays · Ryan James Kenny

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