Meditation benefit: SOS


Life can sometimes be unexpectedly overwhelming. During such moments the heart rates increase rapidly, the chest tightens and breaths shorten. If left unchecked our emotional state can be severely impacted. Short, targeted meditations can help combat symptoms by countering the body's natural responses to a stressful situation and restoring balance.

184 audio tracks

Meditation name: Tell Yourself Relax
Tell Yourself Relax · 03:15
184.3k plays · Carmen Warrington
Meditation name: Let Stress Melt Away
Let Stress Melt Away · 04:38
147.1k plays · Lisa Abramson
Meditation name: Body Scan Relaxation
Body Scan Relaxation · 07:40
135k plays · Andrew Johnson
Meditation name: SOS Meditation for Anxiety
SOS Meditation for Anxiety · 09:58
89.8k plays · Mary Maddux
Meditation name: 5 Minute Mini Meditation
5 Minute Mini Meditation · 05:00
53.5k plays · Suzi von Mensenkampff
Meditation name: Relax & Let Go Of Worry
Relax & Let Go Of Worry · 02:56
50.3k plays · Lynn Fraser Stillpoint
Meditation name: The Tension Release Meditation
The Tension Release Meditation · 05:46
46.5k plays · Vidyamala Burch
Meditation name: Breathing Break
Breathing Break · 02:15
42.5k plays · Andrew Johnson

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