Meditation practice: Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation uses music and sound to clear the mind and deepen meditation. This ancient practice is used by many cultures, religions and mystic traditions. Music is multi-dimensional, linking realms of the brain and facilitating meditation independently of thought. It can ease anxiety and promote a sense of well being.

1068 audio tracks

Meditation name: Floating
Floating · 59:47
2.12m plays · James Anthony Walker
Meditation name: Whispering Notes
Whispering Notes · 69:00
1.25m plays · Pablo Arellano
Meditation name: Theta Mare
Theta Mare · 20:00
852.15k plays · Guenther Goerg
Meditation name: Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep · 69:23
847.78k plays · Chris Collins
Meditation name: Nature Sounds: The Ocean
Nature Sounds: The Ocean · 30:00
638.61k plays · Owen Jenkins
Meditation name: Nature Sounds: Flowing Stream
Nature Sounds: Flowing Stream · 40:00
634.55k plays · Owen Jenkins
Meditation name: Relaxing Within
Relaxing Within · 87:48
578.45k plays · Pablo Arellano

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