Meditation benefit: Focus


Meditation can increase connectivity within brain networks which control attention. Meditation practices can help maintain attention and disengage from distraction, strengthening our ability to stay focused.

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Meditation name: Morning Ceremony Mantra Chanting
Morning Ceremony Mantra Chanting · 12:17
41.45k plays · Sergey Valyushitskiy
Meditation name: Into The Now, Tribal Meditation
Into The Now, Tribal Meditation · 35:00
37.26k plays · BrainwaveHub
Meditation name: 5 Minutes to Focus
5 Minutes to Focus · 04:36
36.88k plays · Chad Kirchner
Meditation name: Birds Reflective
Birds Reflective · 05:01
27.45k plays · Sandeep Khurana
Meditation name: Rewiring for Resilience
Rewiring for Resilience · 09:50
13.4k plays · Christopher Willard

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