The 3 Pillars Of The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof, the Iceman himself, reflects on the three fundamentals of his famous breathing technique that has attracted people around the world to awaken their inner fire. Why breathe, cold shower and commit? Combined, the three pillars lead to increased energy and willpower, reduced stress, better sleep, faster recovery and stronger immune system. Learn about the meaning of the three components that unlock numerous benefits for a healthy, resilient life.
Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold.
Wim Hof method breathing cold shower mindset
Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold.

There are three components of the Wim Hof method: the breathing, the gradual cold exposure, and the commitment. The mind itself. And we got it all revealed to scientific scrutiny, showing that it all works. Very deeply, where medical history thought it’s not possible, now we are there.

You might want to listen to Wim Hof‘s voice while reading. With his strong tone and charismatic Dutch accent he already awakens the first glimpses of inner fire:

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Understanding The Components Of The Wim Hof Method

Why Are We Breathing?

Why are we doing these exercises? Breathing. You know, deep breathing instead of profane breathing, which we have gotten into because of wearing clothes and never being stimulated by cold and heat. We always regulate that with air conditioning, the heater turned on and the thermostat, that’s it.

But we got a thermostat inside and that thermostat is able to control the cold. It’s able to control the heat. For that, you need the right chemistry in your body. That is alkalinity instead of acidity. That is deep breathing.

Deep breathing, not more than normal, but natural. Deep breathing as to alkalize the blood. And with the alkalization of the blood comes a free going for the nervous system, our electricity system, to run through our body. Thus, we can learn to push the bodies: When it’s cold, we heat up the body. When it’s hot, we cool it down. When it is feeble, with no good chemistry and vulnerable for the immune system, we spike up by pushing the button for adrenal access.

That’s why we breathe. We breathe to bring out the right chemistry for the nervous system to be able to operate at will in our body. Amazing how simple breathing can do and change all that.

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Why Do We Cold Shower?

Then the second pillar of the Wim Hof method is the vascular training, the vascular fitness. We know all about the muscles and the fitness room and Crossfit and this and that. We know all about it. But did you know that there are millions of little primitive muscles and reflexes in our vascular system? Like 125,000. That’s in our body. Every one of us got this vascular system, composed of all these little muscles and reflexes. And if they are not stimulated through the cold and the heat, then in the brain… you won’t feel it. Because you turn on the air conditioning when it’s hot. You turn on the heater when it’s cold. So you never ask the deeply stimulated to do something at will.

Cold showering brings you back to the ability to regulate your bodily mechanisms when it’s cold and when it’s hot. You bring back a deep connection of the brain with the body, with the vascular system.

It’s amazing how simple it is. So the vascular system, done by some cold showering, up to a minute, can bring back the connection of the brain with the vascular system and you know the cardiovascular-related diseases in the west, is killer number one. Kills more than any war and we going to tackle that with a cold shower a day?

Yes. A cold shower a day keeps the doctor away. Even the doctor does it.

What Is Commitment?

Then we get into number three, commitment. Wow. What is commitment? I mean, I don’t see it in the basket full of fruit. I see tomatoes, I see avocados, I see an apple and things like that. But I don’t see commitment.

You can’t see it, yet it is the most powerful tool existent within a human psyche to have. And to have control over that. And I’ve now been showing in scientific research that I’m able — just with the power of my mind, just with thought power — to resist cold water coming on the skin, not making the temperature of the skin go down. Just with thought.

How The Wim Hof Method Neutralizes The Impact Of Stress

That means I’m able to deal with stress. Not only cold and heat, but also emotional and daily stress. You are able to learn to control that. For that, you turn inwards, fully with your believing. You give the best, you get the best.

Take on that principle into your mind and don’t let the power of your thoughts go into “Ah, but I have to think about my mortgage, my wife, my children, my dogs and my this and my that”. Otherwise, the power of your thoughts, your thought power, the mind power, the power of your mind, is not going to help you.

We will bring you back there — where the power of your mind belongs to be. To the recognition of your own power, of your own mind, to be able to connect with your body, to steer it and to activate the right hormones in stressful situations.

Stress has an impact on the body and therefore we have the power of our mind to activate our systems inside to neutralize that impact. As simple as it is.

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We have shown this in scientific studies, now it’s coming to you. Your beautiful mind is there to be developed, to be awakened within yourself. Learn how to use it.

So we got three pillars of the Wim Hof method:

  1. We got the breathing to change the chemistry.
  2. We got the gradual cold exposure to bring on the transportation system of ours
  3. And then we got our mind.

And that’s where we are. We got it. Let’s stand up, men, women, humans, into our full potential. Together we go on, three pillars, the holy trinity. And this time, it transcends speculation, it’s going to bring you right into your beautiful power. I say, you’d better take it on because you’re going to be cool. Good luck.

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