Meet Beth Maynard, an Episcopalian priest from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

CEO Insight Timer
Beth Maynard
CEO Insight Timer

Hi Christopher

I’ve been practicing Contemplative Prayer since my college days in the 80s, and for the past 25 years I’ve been an Episcopal priest (the United States branch of the global communion people elsewhere call “Anglican” or “Church of England.”) While I’ve served God in different ways, the call always revolves around helping people deepen their lives in the way of Jesus Christ and move outward to serve and love others for his sake. I was brought up an atheist, and I’d never have believed I’d be doing such a thing, but I’m so grateful for this life.

I appreciate being part of the global, multifaith community Insight Timer has created. I find it inspiring to know that I and other Christians on the app can be paying attention to the presence of Christ with a quiet mind and logging our practice as Prayer, while others are doing different practices and logging them as Meditation. I’ve had wonderful conversations with meditators from other traditions about the similarities and differences.

I found Insight Timer back in 2011 by searching for a free timer app with realistic bell sounds. Of course I pray in many other ways too, but the app has turned a fairly erratic contemplative practice into a habit which has changed the way I lead my congregation and helped me rely on God rather than on myself. Thank you!


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