How To Energetically Protect Yourself

How do we reclaim our energy when we feel rubbed by other people's energies? This article explores how we can take responsibility for our reactions to difficult situation and send back the energy that doesn't serve us.
Clara Wisner is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Self-Love Guide.
how to protect your energy
Clara Wisner is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Self-Love Guide.

Clara Wisner shares her guidance on how to protect your energy and deal with difficult people and situations. Also, explore a practice to energetically connect with another person.

How To Protect Your Energy: We All Have Intuitive Powers

We live in a society that can scoff at the intuitive, energetic, and sensitive. But the truth is, even if we don’t know it, we talk about energetic concepts all the time. We say things like, “She just rubbed me the wrong way.” or “I didn’t like that place it was creepy.” 

We are energetic beings. Even with zero education around the energetic, most of us are incredibly good at reading situations, people, and experiences. Think about the last time you got a “hunch” that was something off about a particular situation. What about the last time you made eye contact with a stranger and you felt that spark of deep connection? These are glimpses into the intuitive powers we all possess, but most of us have no idea how to use them.

The Benefits Of Energetic Consciousness

Being tapped into the energetic can highly benefit us. In situations, it can be very useful to be able to keep your energy “separate” from someone else’s and it can also be incredibly enjoyable to extend and link your energy with a friend or loved one. But to do both of these well, and much more subtle variations of energetic disengagement and connection, we must become more conscious of our own energy. 

Some of the most successful people in the world have unwittingly tapped into the energetic and used that knowledge to connect with people, influence situations, and create movements.

On the subject of energetic protection, I tend to have a dissenting opinion. I believe we don’t actually need to “protect” ourselves from anything. That would mean we could be a victim of someone else’s energy. I am a firm believer in radical responsibility and always encourage an empowering mindset over a victim mindset.

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Being Around “Negative” People & Sending Back Energies

When someone says something like, “I can’t be around her, she’s too negative,” that is someone who is not attuned to their own energy and allows someone else’s energy to affect them as if they didn’t have any control whatsoever. 

We may very well not want to hang out with negative people (who does?!) and we can most certainly set boundaries and make conscious choices not to hang around people who are downers, but at some point in our lives we are going to have to be around people who are negative or rub us the wrong way, and we have to take full responsibility for our reactions to that energy when we do. 

I know humans are incredibly powerful energetic beings, and as long as we have a little knowledge and conscious comprehension of energy, we can transmute any energy that is not our own and send it back out into the world transformed. This way we start to leave a trail of empowerment wherever we go. We don’t need to be afraid of anyone or anything’s energy, as long as we are aware enough to be able to connect into our own heart space and let what is happening in us to flow through us.

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A Simple Practice To Protect Your Energy

When in a situation that feels overwhelming, out of your control, or you’re around someone who always seems to be pushing your buttons, you can use this simple practice:

  1. Ask yourself this question: “What percentage of the way I feel right now is mine?”
  2. When you have a number in mind, let’s say it’s 20%, you can take a deep breath into your heart and release the breath while saying to yourself or out loud, “I send this energy that is not mine back from where it came; blessed and transformed.” You have transmuted energy from heaviness into a blessing.
  3. As far as the 20% (or whatever number you came up with) that is yours, take another breath and imagine your heart expanding to fit this energy inside it. Feel the heat, the tightness, the tingling sensation or whatever comes up that is the feeling you don’t like in your physical body. Stay with this feeling with zero judgment until it starts to dissolve and transform it into love.

If this small practice doesn’t seem to dissipate and protect your energy in this situation or you’d like to follow along with an audio version, listen to this track to transform heavy emotions, negative feelings, physical pain and overwhelm into feelings of connection and lightness:

  1. Emotional Alchemy Practice Clara Wisner 17:37

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Playing With Energetic Connection

It is ideal to have a friend or loved one that is willing to do this practice with you. Although you can test it out on anyone you happen to be interacting with and see what happens.

  1. If you’re with someone who is participating with you sit across from one another, in a chair on or on the ground. One of you will now try to “reach out” energetically to the other, while the one doing the receiving stays open and accepting of the “reaching out” energy.
  2. Do the same thing starting with the other partner. (If you are not doing this with a partner, then during a conversation or interaction you are having try to “reach out” energetically, and then try to receive energetically.)
  3. Discuss with each other what it felt like to “reach out” and what it felt like to receive. Or, sans partner, just notice how the people you are interacting with respond differently when you’re in the receiving mode or in the giving mode.
  4. One partner tries to extend their energy again, but this time the other partner tries to “shut down” or “put up a wall” to block the attempts at the reaching out.
  5. Discuss the differences between how the receiving energy, extending energy, and shutting down energy felt. This exercise is a great way to practice getting a “feel” for energy and familiarize your conscious mind with it.

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Clara’s practice doesn’t just explain how to protect your energy. She also offers free guided meditations for, inter alia, refocusing, connecting with your body and heart and healing the inner child:

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