3 Ways To Get Involved in World Mental Health Day This Year

On October 10th, you can help to raise awareness for mental health and mobilize efforts to support those in crisis by participating in World Mental Health Day. Learn more about the state of mental health around the world today and the free, global resources Insight Timer has gathered for building clarity, acceptance and resilience.
Chief Editor Insight Timer Blog
Chief Editor Insight Timer Blog

World Mental Health day is a campaign of the World Federation for Mental Health which takes place annually on October 10th. The day has a twofold objective; to raise awareness for mental health issues, and to mobilize efforts to support those in crisis. 

This year, World Mental Health Day is of particular importance as we collectively grapple with a global pandemic that has triggered anxiety, stress and grief, while at the same time limiting access to critical mental health services in 93% of countries worldwide.

The Urgency For Mental Health For All

Prior to the pandemic, countries spent an average of just 2% of their health budgets on mental health despite evidence that $1 spent equals $5 returned thanks to improved health and related productivity. Today, these resources are spread even more thinly as health programs strain under COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organization, countries are reporting the following interruptions in mental health care as a direct result of the novel coronavirus:

  • 30% disruption in access to medications for mental health and substance use disorders
  • 35% disruption to emergency interventions for those experiencing physical crises related to mental health
  • 60%-72% disruption to mental health services for vulnerable people
  • 67% reduction in access to counseling and psychotherapy services
  • 78% reduction in access to workplace mental health services

Prior to the survey, World Mental Health Day organizers had been drumming up support since September with the campaign “Move for Mental Health: Let’s Invest.” The call for governments to invest more in mental health spending is in direct response to the global COVID-19 crisis, which will have long term health, social and economic consequences. The most recent facts demonstrate the urgency with which change is necessary.

World Mental Health Day’s 2020 theme is Mental Health for All. The novel coronavirus spans borders, cultures and class and has shown us we’re all in this together. By coming together to take action, we can make a difference.

How To Participate On October 10th

Meditation is an invaluable tool for mental health that’s accessible and affordable. On World Mental Health Day, promote Mental Health for All by sharing in meditation.

1. Meditate On Insight Timer

During the first part of 2020 as the pandemic climbed towards its peak, we noticed a fascinating change in behaviour within the Insight Timer app. As countries went into lockdown in response to COVID-19, people across the globe increasingly reached for guided meditations.

Out of nearly 50 meditation categories on Insight Timer, the top five most quickly growing categories between February and April 2020 included Fear, Strength and Resilience, SOS, and Anxiety. Meditations to help cope with fear were played 74% more often.

When it comes to mental health care for all, meditation is something we each can do, wherever we are, to stay grounded, calm and connected.

Meditating with Insight Timer is free, accessible, and effective. We offer over 60,000 free meditations which you can access from your smartphone or computer, anywhere. On World Mental Health Day, make a plan for self-care by setting aside time for your own meditation. Better yet, share meditation with a friend and let others know about the benefits you’ve received.

2. Meditate With Gisele Bündchen

On World Mental Health Day join Gisele Bündchen’s live event on Insight Timer. Gisele will host a live session to talk about her personal experience with meditation, how she started the practice and her tips for beginners.

Gisele’s partnership with Insight Timer launched in September with her first guided meditation in Portuguese and English, “Hope in Times of Uncertainty.” Each month, new meditations guided by Gisele will be inserted for free in the application.

Gisele’s meditations embrace the theme Mental Health for All by spanning multiple languages and focusing on diverse populations. Her practices aim to help those who’s mental health has been impacted by COVID-19, including higher levels of stress and issues with sleep.In addition, there will be a special meditation for parents and children.

  1. Hope In Times Of Uncertainty Gisele Bündchen 14:01

3. Share Resources With Others

World Mental Health Day is a time for self-care, but also an important time to share resources with others. Insight Timer has a dedicated coronavirus page with resources for various challenges the world is facing this year.

Meditation and mindfulness teachers, psychologists and other mental health experts all over the world share their support here via guided meditations, talks and courses to help alleviate the pressures of COVID-19 and related anxiety or depression.

It’s possible to feel connected to others and cultivate healthy routines while staying at home. On World Mental Health day, turn to meditation to increase your ability to remain resilient and calm during these uncertain times. Take action by sharing these powerful tools with others. Together, we can build a world in which Mental Health for All becomes reality.

Here are few selected coronavirus relief meditations, but make sure you browse our full collection of coronavirus resources:

  1. Compassion In The Time Of Coronavirus Jack Kornfield 13:22
  2. A Message of Hope Sarah Blondin 17:57
  3. SOS Self-Soothing For Covid-19 Pandemic Mary Maddux 8:25
  4. Working With Fear During A Pandemic Venerable Thubten Chodron 12:17
  5. Breathing To Ease Covid Stress Vidyamala Burch 1:15
  6. Finding Your Calm (5 minutes) UN Foundation x lululemon | Peace on Purpose 6:06
  7. Steadying Yourself In Isolation Andy Hobson 43:50

Meditation And Mental Health

At the first height of the pandemic nearly 4 billion people, or half of the world’s population, were under stay at home orders. With schools and businesses reopening in places and winter approaching, lockdown orders that were once lifted have returned.

Collectively, we have been awakening to the fact that we cannot depend upon the stability of the world around us to achieve stability in our minds. We must turn inward for our grounding and healing. We have also been realizing the importance of looking out for one another, checking if our loved ones are ok. Embrace both of these truths by beginning or strengthening your meditation practice this World Mental Health Day and sharing these free resources with whoever needs it.

Meditation. Free.