Meet Monique Billing, a 22 year old meditator playing basketball for the USA.

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Monique Billings
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Hi Christopher

I was raised in South California, an hour south of Los Angeles. I had a happy childhood and remember growing up to my parent’s music. They gave me an old soul. I love r&b and soul music, and I love finding underground artists who are yet to be discovered.

My dad was a huge influence in my life. When I was 5 years old he asked if I wanted to play basketball with kids in the neighborhood. I was hesitant at first (super girly and dresses only!) but I’ve had a basketball in my hands ever since. Basketball is my way of creative self expression. Executing a move or shoot a fancy shot is my art. I love the freedom of being able to create in this way. And representing my country, the USA, was a great source of pride and honour.

I love the skin I am in. I have never once doubted this and credit my parents for my convictions. They showed me what it means to be black and proud in America. From embracing black culture, my natural hair colour, the music I listen to, and the clothes that I wear, I am unapologetic about who I am.

I try to remember that everything in life happens for a reason and that each experience supports my growth and development. My biggest fear is losing a loved one. I can’t imagine life without them.

Mental toughness and self care is so important to me, especially when it comes to sports. My meditation practice varies a lot. I use Insight Timer to relax my mind, body, and spirit before my games and preparing in the days beforehand. Sometimes I will listen to “I AM” manifestation meditations before a game to remind myself of the power already within me. If I lose perspective and feel like everything is going wrong in my life, I turn on a gratitude meditation. And if I’m dreaming about my future or things I want to achieve, a motivation meditation works.

Thank you


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