Following Your “I AMs”: Two Little Words That Transform Your Life

How and what are you identifying yourself with every day? How much positivity, goodness, abundance and love are you actively bringing into your life? The little words "I AM" bear a powerful key to transform your life.
Dr. Janette Freeman has been teaching meditation and spiritual growth for nearly 20 years and has a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies.
I am affirmation
Dr. Janette Freeman has been teaching meditation and spiritual growth for nearly 20 years and has a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies.

I was eighteen years old when my mother handed me this very small, green hardcover book. It was called, “The I AM Discourses Volume 3” and I had no idea what I held in my hand. How I managed through ALL the changes and moves in my life to still have this book in my possession is nothing less than a miracle. It somehow stuck to me.

I have picked it up many times. I read a lot from it over the years because no matter when or where I opened it, there seemed to be just the right, perfect nugget of truth for me to chew on. It held great teachings for creating a greater life by watching our thoughts, our words and aligning with the great Power of all it, our own part of the Divine, our own I AM Presence.

I Am & The Divine Source

In this spiritual text, it tells us that the words “I Am” are another name for God, or the Divine Self. Those of us that read the bible remember the verse in Exodus when Moses was told by God that His name was I Am and that was the authority which would free his people. Is it possible, as the Discourses text tells us over and over again, that the word “I Am” is the name of the Divine Source and has the power to set us free from our own human bondage and limitations.

“When you say and feel ‘I AM’ you release the spring of Eternal, Everlasting Life, to flow on Its way unmolested. In other words, you open wide the door to Its natural flow. When you say ‘I AM not’ you shut the door in the face of this Mighty Energy. I AM is God in Action. It is the Full Activity of God.”I AM Discourses, Vol. 3 Page 2

What Are You Identifiying As?

Everyone is constantly thinking or saying some form of “I am,” to describe who or what they are—I am a teacher, I am a sister, I am a mother—or their states, such as “I am sick, I am tired, I am happy, I am busy, I am broke, or I am prosperous,” etc. What follows the words “I Am” is what we are innately identifying as. I am that.

When we say, “I am sick,” we are actually identifying ourselves as ‘a sick’ person. Why not say “My body is feeling sick?” Or, “My body is undergoing healing.” Describing a passing experience is very different than claiming all the power of God to create our identity as a sick person. Even one with a disease, such as cancer; rather than claiming “I have cancer;” why not say, “My body is experiencing cancer and I Am experiencing a healing each and every day”?

Claiming & Affirming The Power For Good

Another example, if experiencing a lack of money; rather than “I am broke,” or “I am without enough,” why not say, “There’s a little cash flow issue right this minute but the money is on its way!” We want to train ourselves with an identity that is more abundant and richly supplied.

Our words of “I Am” are actually describing something that we are identifying ourselves with and as. If we look at those two little words actually meaning, “God in Action,” we are closest to the truth. “Hey!  The whole power of God is acting on these words!” I’m ready to declare, “I Am healthy! I Am prosperous and abundant!”

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Isn’t it time to stop living as powerless victims and wake up and use this key to unlocking and unleashing a greater power; a power for good, a power for growth, a power for abundance, health and love?

Is it possible that the Divine Creator would plant Itself in us and not provide a way for our greater freedom, expansion, joy, and love? Is it possible that It has been under our nose all along, just like the water that the fish swims in?  

I AM. These words are a powerful KEY to your personal freedom.

“When you say “I AM” you set God into action; but there is a lot more to it which you will come to realize—when you feel and know the enormity of the use of this expression. Realize the Enormous Power of the “I AM” to act in things of this kind. When you say and feel this then you liberate and lose the Full Activity of God.” — I AM Discourses, Vol. 3 Page 111

I AM happy to know this!

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Reshifting Your Thoughts To A Life In Positivity

From time to time, I like to play with this on events that seem oddly improbable and I’m not attached to the outcome, so I tried an experiment. When attending a Superbowl game party, I wanted to play the pool and put in a couple of bets. Right then I decided to declare with a lot of intention, “I AM a winner.” I kept silently repeating it during the game. There was nothing else I could do. I couldn’t go play the game, I just played with the silent little affirmation throughout the game, “I Am a winner.” It was for fun.

The end of the game was coming soon, and I was not going to be the winner of the pool. Whatever, I was still having fun affirming that I was a winner! I felt terrific anyway! In the last couple of seconds, there was an upset and a new score! I won the pool! “I Am a winner!” It was a little wink-wink moment from the Universe to me as if to say, “Stick with it, girl! You know this stuff works!”

Yes, I’ve seen it work so many times, when I remember to live with my positive I AMs, claiming that which I CHOOSE to identify with. So, I invite you to play around with it, too and start watching your words and thoughts, and claim, “I Am a winner!”

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