Break Your Patterns of Fear With 2 Simple Steps

People tend to react to fear in distinctive patterns. In this blog, Dr. Sukhi Muker introduces two ways of shifting away from letting fear control your life into a place of being far more present, conscious and connected.
Dr. Sukhi Muker is an acclaimed wellness doctor, author, and global speaker.
Dr. Sukhi Muker is an acclaimed wellness doctor, author, and global speaker.

Everyone deals with fear in their life and during my practice as a chiropractic doctor, I came to observe a pattern of how people commonly handle fear in their lives. Commonly, I see people fall into two categories:

  • People who become deeply upset or troubled by their fear responses, allowing it to control their decision making patterns and reactions to everything in their lives.
  • People who respond to their fear with a deeper sense of trust and see it as an opportunity to have confidence in their ability to manage their emotions and in doing so, allow it to show them a greater way of living. 

Let’s dive into how these patterns become established as I really want to help you to better understand how you’re built; your biological responses, your connection to the Unified Quantum Field and most importantly how you can shift away from letting fear control your life into a place of being far more present, conscious and connected.

Fear Patterns

Fear is a neurological pattern that exists and runs within people when something from their external world activates their perception system and is perceived as a threat. These fear patterns relate to a certain biological and neurochemical state previously established within that person.

When you fear something, your nervous system gets thrown into a “fight or flight” response. Biologically your heart rate increases and blood moves away from your prefrontal cortex so it can be rerouted to your muscles for survival. Your body releases adrenaline, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol shutting off all the feel-good hormones.

When blood leaves your prefrontal cortex, all your ability to have a logical conversation and make sound choices goes out the window. These biological loops continuously put us into a fight or flight response. The problem is, when left unmanaged for long periods of time, our fear response can result in a physically and emotionally diminished state where people become a fractured, less whole version of themselves. 

So how do we combat this and shift into a more aware process around managing our fear response? The first step is to view your fear pattern as an opportunity to look within and pinpoint what the main source of fear is.


An easy shift in thinking is to re-imagine your emotion of fear as a burst of light and instead of letting it knock you off balance, it’s a matter of learning how to redirect its energy. Did you know that there are approximately 100 trillion cells in the human body? Fritz Albert-Popp, a leading biophysicist, discovered that every cell in the body will each go through 100,000 chemical reactions every second, all synchronized and controlled by your autonomic nervous system. 

Managing our response to fear is as simple as reprogramming our electrical flow. What I’ve learned is that if you can’t get that electricity flowing differently through your nervous system, you’ll continue to feel stuck and your body will keep recreating the same series of fight-or-flight reactions. As we age, this stress affects our quality of life, health, immunity, and all the things that you are actually afraid of begin to show up or continue as a recurring pattern. 

Through my work on thousands of patients, I have discovered a key to changing these biological pathways using protocols for neural integration; a process to change your energy pathways biologically so that you begin to experience a different reality with your emotional responses. The next step beyond this is neural activation; using your new energy pathways to actively create the future you desire.

The Move Towards Trust

Moving away from fear towards a place of deeper levels of trust is a dynamic process. You might find yourself in a place of complete trust, complete fear, or jumping back and forth between the two states. Maybe you’re ok one day but the next you see something on the news that completely shifts your biology and moves you backwards on the fear-trust meter.

Until you’ve worked on your neural integration levels to create new neural and energy pathways in the body, this dynamic process is normal because this is what your body biologically knows. To help move you more in the direction of trust, where you can have greater vitality, wholeness, increase your immune system strength, and start to create deeper levels of trust and peace, let’s discover some simple steps you can take to create coherence within your nervous system and make new synaptic connections of trust.

Quantum Physics for Health & Wellbeing

We are all surrounded by energy referred to as the Unified Field by quantum physicists. This field is listening all the time and responds without prejudice to the energy signals we emit as light from our cells. This means simply that we are all consciously creating our life, every single moment through our biology. You have a thought, you have an idea, or you feel an emotion, your body responds, your cells go through chemical responses and emit energy, and that energy is received by the Unified Field.

Within the Unified Field, there exists endless possibilities for your reality, and it is here within the intersection of these possibilities and the energy your body emits into that you can create your life.

Since we’re electrical beings existing in an electrically responsive Unified Field, logic doesn’t register within your biological response nor in the quantum energy field. Both are only responsive to the frequency of energy. Your biology doesn’t care what you think about, it only cares about how you feel which is why it’s so crucial to manage the emotional state that you’re in. 

Here are my simple starter concepts to help you better manage your emotional state so that you can move towards trusting your biology and it’s responses:

Embrace Feelings Of Hope

 Science says hope has three elements:

  1. Believing your future will be better than your present moment.
  2. Understanding that you have what it takes to be the person to feel the way you want, become who you want, do the things how you want, and see the world from the lens that you want to have. This is called agency.
  3. Willing to roll up your sleeves, to get stuff done in order to see your fear patterns change.

Even if you don’t fully believe these things about yourself, your body will respond energetically to the feeling of hope. Remember it’s about emotion not logic. So get in the habit daily of reaching for hopeful feelings, even if it’s as simple as hoping the sun comes out for a few minutes or that a favourite friend gives you a call.

Lean Into Gratitude

The Harvard Medical School defines gratitude as:

“A thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives … As a result, gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals–whether to other people, nature, or a higher power

Therefore, gratitude is a superpower through which you can shift your biological responses and the energy your cells emit without much effort.

A powerful daily gratitude practice to get started is to sit down before bed every night and put pen to paper. Simply write down 5 things you are grateful for (or more if you get on a roll) and as you begin to train your body to feel the emotion of gratitude, you begin to shift your relationship with the Unified Field of possibilities.

When you create a practice of finding things to be grateful for in your life and write them down everyday for 10 weeks your joy and happiness will increase by 25%. Imagine being 25% more whole, connected, happier, and a 25% better version of yourself by simply being grateful for 5 things a day.

Join Dr. Sukhi for a meditation to connect deeply with your nervous system, breath, and connection to your mind-body temple. This practice focuses on creating coherence in the nervous system.

  1. Releasing Angst, Anxiety And Nervousness Dr. Sukhi Muker 15:08

Tap Into Your Power With Positive Feelings

If we can develop a new practice of focusing on how we’re feeling instead of letting negative emotion control our lives, we’re not entering a space where we can break the patterns of fear response we’ve been trapped in and begin to become the sole creator of our tomorrows.

If you’re already afraid you won’t get the job, the Unified Field has already heard you say “no”. If you are fearful of trying something new, you already have put a wall up by firing up that biological loop that puts you in fight-or-flight mode, disallowing yourself the opportunity to lead with trust and have a positive experience. 

By practicing these simple concepts that have been studied and proven to work, you can tap into the power of your own neural integration and coherence to proactively create the life you want to live, how you want to live it. You can conquer fear by never allowing it to take away your ability to make logical choices, have sound conversations, and feel like you are in the driver’s seat of your life.

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