Workshops Offer an Interactive Way to Learn in a Group Setting

Insight Timer’s Premium Experience gives our community access to our Mentoring programmes and Workshops, offering two different routes to learning.
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.

Workshops are live and interactive sessions hosted by experienced teachers and bring together students from across the global Insight Timer community. Workshop topics range from mindfulness and self-acceptance to mantra and manifestation.

Community Connection

Insight Timer Workshops enable our community to connect and learn with each other in real-time. Teachers host discussions and invite students to share experiences in a welcoming and open forum and offer opportunities to learn new practices or skills.

Attending a Workshop

Once you have requested to join one of the many Workshops available, you will be invited to join a corresponding Group. This enables students to connect with others, catch up on missed sessions through on-demand recordings, and access learning materials.

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Hosting a Workshop

When setting up a Workshop, teachers are asked to include a course title, overview and any details a student may need to know in order to attend. This could include information pertaining to course material, student expectations, time commitment and desired outcomes. Teachers can host groups from 10 to 200 students at a time across single or multi-day experiences that range from one to three hours in length. Because our teachers are in charge of the whole experience, no two Workshops are the same. Tickets are made available through teacher profile pages.

How to Host a Workshop

If you’re a teacher and you would like to host a Workshop for the Insight Timer community, we would love to hear from you! Whether you are new here or just wishing to offer something different, you can send us the details of your Workshop here

For help with booking or hosting a Workshop, visit our support page here (or contact

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