Keeping Your Equanimity

Lalah Delia shares some thoughts on keeping equanimity in unsettling situations or new environments. Explore her guided meditations to begin a journey towards self-empowerment and self-care.
Lalah Delia is an author, spiritual writer, wellness educator, and the founder Vibrate Higher Daily.
Lalah Delia is an author, spiritual writer, wellness educator, and the founder Vibrate Higher Daily.

In Buddhist practice, equanimity basically means not giving your power away, in chaos, hostility, or challenging moments. It means instead of reacting to triggers, you remain stable and respond with balance, wisdom, self-control, compassion, and inner-peace.

Equanimity is not allowing what others are doing to get into you. It’s keeping their ‘stuff’ theirs, and remaining in your power and higher vibration. It’s a state of composure, inner-peace, self-control, and mature-warmth. It’s beautiful.

Practicing equanimity is not to be confused with being cold, aloof, apathetic, or numb, equanimity means feeling and responding from your power. Discernment allows you to recognize if a response from you is necessary at all.

No matter how mindful we are, or how high we’re vibrating, there are times none of us are immune to the rigors and challenges of life. As you closely nurture how you respond versus react to life, gain tools for keeping your equanimity, and live in your power, you serve yourself and your experiences better.  

Keeping your equanimity will see you through, it’s a pathway to greater peace, joy, calm, goodwill, integrity, balance, self-control, and higher potential. A composed and relaxed mind is a powerful mind.

In my new book, I share how I used to be so hyper-sensitive to energies and vibes to the point of becoming empathically-sick, easily disturbed, offended, and thrown off balance. I used to take things SUPER personally. That path was a loop that I was finally able to exit (whew!!) by spending time in spiritual practice, by consuming healing foods and plant medicine, and by no longer consuming foods that were overstimulating my stress response and nervous system, such as caffeine, chemically processed foods, junk foods, and white sugar, and through mentorship, and by reading theFour Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Chapter 3 is literally titled “Don’t Take it Personally.” Nuff said.

I give endless thanks I was able heal the way I interact with energy and vibration in order to vibrate higher daily and live my power.

Lord knows!!

Equanimity Is How You Take Your Power Back

George Washington Carver once said, “Live at home.Home is where our power resides.

So being mindful to come home to ourselves and live from there is an essential system to always have in place.

When well developed we’re able to keep our equanimity in different settings, this allows us to remain in our power. Be mindful when you’re entering any joint environment. Take a few moments before, to prepare yourself, and to root in your power.

However you’re showing up in each now moment, serve, do, create, show up, help, show compassion, but maintain your equanimity. This is empowerment in action. This is vibrating higher daily and living your power!!

Grace and love!

“How you treat people is your vibration. 

How people treat you is theirs” — Lalah Delia, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power

Begin your journey of empowerment and self-care with these guided meditations by Lalah Delia:

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