Empowering Environmental Frontliners with Philippine Parks and Biodiversity

“We are nature and not a part of it.” This is the banner that the team of NGO Philippine Parks and Biodiversity (PH Parks) rallies behind. A shared dream of the Philippines where people and nature thrive together drives this organization to work with forest and wildlife rangers and grassroots communities, empowering them and supporting them to join in on conservation efforts.
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.

To advance this mission, they focus on four key programs: Conservation Education, Ecotourism in Protected Areas Training, Generation Restoration, and Support-a-Ranger. The last one is a program Insight Timer Earth chose to support.

From October to December 2021, all income and donations from Insight Earth’s activities and the content will be given to the Philippine Parks and Biodiversity’s Support-a-Ranger program. It is our belief that empowering and supporting our environmental defenders and front liners, both wildlife rangers, and our indigenous communities, is a priority. They are our first (and sometimes only) line of defense against destructive activities. Through this program, Insight Earth and its community will be able to sponsor the health insurance of rangers who go on the field, provide them with health and medical kits, afford them food packs to support patrolling and operations, gather capital for other livelihood streams for rangers and their families, gear the rangers up and sponsor their uniforms, and provide tech and other equipment as well as training for various capacities to strengthen fulfillment of their duties.

Rangers protecting the world’s rarest wild cattle which can only be found in the Philippines – the tamaraw – as well as teams protecting forests and wildlife in one of Metro Manila’s main water sources, Ipo Watershed, will benefit from this program.

To get to know our amazing Featured Organization and the valuable work that they do, we have prepared a few Live Events for your enjoyment. These events are free of charge but donations are very much appreciated. Remember that all donations and income from our Insight Timer Earth teacher account will go directly to PH Parks.

Strike or Surrender: Saving the Tamaraw from Extinction – In this 45-minute docufilm, learn how a team of spunky rangers fight to protect the world’s rarest wild cattle.

Mt. Balagba – A virtual tour of Manila’s main water source. Meet the forest rangers and see the work being done to protect this critical watershed.

Raising Little Wildlife Rangers – an interactive learning activity both for parents and kids on how to become environmental defenders at home and in everyday life.

Other Live Events – Some of our teachers have also generously shared their time to hold live events to help raise funds for PH Parks. Check out the full list on our teacher profile.

To learn more, visit PH Park’s website.

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