Mindful Monday Ideas Your Employees Will Love

Group mindfulness options for remote, in-person and hybrid organizations that will inspire your teams for the week ahead.
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.

Mindfulness in the workplace improves productivity, increases creativity, and leads to all-around happier and healthier employees. Offices of all sizes are incorporating mindfulness exercises into their work week. But how can you prevent mindfulness initiatives from becoming just another stress-inducing item on the to-do list? Choose from the following for Mindful Monday ideas your employees will love.

Mindfulness at Work

The mindfulness we learn in the office extends to home life and vice versa. When employees are engaged in mindfulness employers see fewer missed work days, less conflict in the office and greater resilience and productivity among their staff.

Palm House Hospitality is just one of several companies who have reaped the benefits of implementing regularly scheduled mindfulness touchpoints. A Mindful Monday initiative encourages greater mindfulness in the office. When done well, the benefits influence outcomes every day of the week. 

Mindfulness exercises change the brain. Studies show it’s consistency, not intensity, that’s key to this change. Just a little bit of mindfulness every Monday can build a team that’s more resilient to stress, clear-headed and compassionate.

The best Mindful Monday activities are those that encourage willing participation by including an element of fun and relaxation while offering palpable, immediate results.

Set an Intention for the Work Week

Mondays signify the beginning of the workweek and offer a natural time in which to pause and set goals and intentions. Gathering your team for Monday morning intention setting establishes a positive tone for a productive week. Get team members on the same page by revisiting your mission, establishing new goals or highlighting a milestone as a focus. 

At Insight Timer, staff is fully remote and spread out around the globe. Everyone’s Monday starts at different times! The head of people Alex Greentree shares an inspirational quote to set the tone of the week in the company Slack channel, along with a recommended meditation, employee news or company initiatives.

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Moving your regularly scheduled Monday meetings to an outdoor space can reduce stress, improve creativity and increase active participation. When employees meet outside their usual workspace they’re generally less distracted and more outspoken. The change of scenery and relaxing atmosphere nature provides can transform an otherwise mundane meeting into a genuine opportunity for connection. 

Begin the meeting by asking attendees to place mindful attention on the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors.

Create Space in the Office and on the Calendar

Encourage individual or group meditation by creating a dedicated meditation zone. Offering a comfortable, quiet space where employees can disconnect, be still and contemplate acknowledges that sometimes the most important work we do takes place away from a computer. Keep your meditation zone free from electronic devices and chatter. 

Consider incentivizing use of the space and letting employees schedule meditation time as they would schedule a meeting.

While mornings are a great time to meditate, it’s not our only opportunity for contemplation. A mid-day meditation break could take place at the lunch hour, or later in the day when staff might be feeling the afternoon slump. Group meditation can encourage healthy habits and provides opportunity for post-meditation interaction and feedback.

Consider inviting a live or online meditation teacher to instruct and guide the group.

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Gratitude balances the mind’s negativity bias by helping us stay aware of all the things which are going right. In the workplace, gratitude keeps employees motivated and feeling positive about their work and their purpose. Creating a culture of giving thanks keeps staff humble and mindful of the contributions of their coworkers.

Set aside time for a gratitude activity, or open Monday meetings with a gratitude-focused meditation. 

If your staff normally lunches at their desks or leaves the office to go it alone, consider hosting a Monday lunch. Make it mindful by asking everyone to leave their devices at the door. This simple gathering is an opportunity to build company culture by encouraging in-person social connection. Sharing meals together breaks down barriers between departments and job titles. 

Consider inviting a special guest to teach about mindful eating, nutrition or meal preparation. 

Employee wellness initiatives can sometimes instigate eye-rolling and dread. But it’s possible to build a mindful office culture through activities that feel spacious, productive and even fun. Consider voluntary participation, solicit feedback with an open mind, and you’ll be well on your way to crafting a Mindful Monday that offers nothing but benefit.

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