Meditation benefit: Gratitude


Gratitude is a feeling of happiness which comes from appreciation. A deeper appreciation for someone (or something) can produce longer lasting positivity. Consciously focusing on gratitude during meditation can lead to greater emotional well-being and physical health.

48 audio tracks

Meditation name: Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation · 14:05
143.3k plays · Sarah McLean
Meditation name: Good Morning - Ground & Meditate
Good Morning - Ground & Meditate · 10:53
113.8k plays · David Gandelman
Meditation name: Awaken With Gratitude
Awaken With Gratitude · 06:19
33k plays · Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei
Meditation name: Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation · 08:59
28.2k plays · Glenda Cedarleaf
Meditation name: Appreciation of Life
Appreciation of Life · 05:51
19.8k plays · Peter Radcliffe

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