Meditation practice: Qi Gong

Qi Gong

Qi Gong are dynamic breathing practices. Used in Chinese traditions (Taoist and Buddhist), Qi, or energy flow, is moved around the body through visualization and feeling. It can include movement together with specific breathing patterns.

11 audio tracks

Meditation name: Relieve Stress & Calm Down
Relieve Stress & Calm Down · 10:10
182.64k plays · Yuval Ron
Meditation name: Journey to Wu-Dang
Journey to Wu-Dang · 16:15
8.15k plays · Jonathan Fischer
Meditation name: Music for Qi Gong and Meditation
Music for Qi Gong and Meditation · 27:17
6.3k plays · Frederic Vernay
Meditation name: 5 Minute Relaxation Meditation
5 Minute Relaxation Meditation · 06:14
4.61k plays · Eileen Burns
Meditation name: The Healing Smile
The Healing Smile · 15:49
1.88k plays · Satya Dubay
Meditation name: Méditation Debout WuJi
Méditation Debout WuJi · 06:48
699 plays · Marie-Claire Dagher
Meditation name: Hålla Ballongen
Hålla Ballongen · 19:31
310 plays · Björn Natthiko Lindeblad

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