Meditation practice: Compassion Meditation

Compassion Meditation

Compassion Meditation uses visualization techniques to foster feelings of kindness and compassion towards others. The practice is similar to the Buddhist Loving-Kindness meditation (Metta) and means the development of empathy, connectivity and social skills.

214 audio tracks

Meditation name: Discovering Your Intrinsic Self
Discovering Your Intrinsic Self · 12:00
247.91k plays · Sarah Blondin
Meditation name: There Is Nothing Wrong With You
There Is Nothing Wrong With You · 09:55
179.93k plays · Robin Rice
Meditation name: Remembering Trust
Remembering Trust · 12:13
70.19k plays · Sarah Blondin
Meditation name: You Are Acceptance
You Are Acceptance · 20:00
46.27k plays · Hannah Leatherbury

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