Meditation practice: Ch'an Meditation

Ch'an Meditation

Ch'an Meditation is a form of Chinese Buddhism. Founded in the 6th century AD, it is the origin of Zen (Japan), Sŏn (Korea), and Thiền (Vietnam). Meaning awakening of selflessness, it uses the method of silent illumination, much like Zazen in Zen Buddhism.

12 audio tracks

Meditation name: Awakening
Awakening · 72:54
7.15k plays · Guo Gu
Meditation name: Talk on Patience
Talk on Patience · 69:58
3.97k plays · Guo Gu
Meditation name: Silent Illumination
Silent Illumination · 21:12
3.28k plays · Secular Buddhist Association
Meditation name: Ordinary Mind: Session 1
Ordinary Mind: Session 1 · 12:29
1.72k plays · Mark ShenYun Gilenson

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