Meditation origin: Natural Environment

Natural Environment

The Natural Environment and the human psyche are interconnected. Ancient cultures have long honoured all aspects of nature. For centuries meditation has centered on nature, and monasteries have been strategically located within jungles and forests. Spending time in nature can be conducive to reflection and mindufuless.

280 audio tracks

Meditation name: Nature Sounds: Flowing Stream
Nature Sounds: Flowing Stream · 40:00
552.72k plays · Owen Jenkins
Meditation name: Nature Sounds: The Ocean
Nature Sounds: The Ocean · 30:00
514.67k plays · Owen Jenkins
Meditation name: Waves Sound: The Black Sea Symphony
Waves Sound: The Black Sea Symphony · 60:00
283.29k plays · François Trésorier
Meditation name: Storm
Storm · 27:31
200.43k plays · BlueGum
Meditation name: Solitude Beach
Solitude Beach · 20:00
128.87k plays · Mark Gustavson

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