Meditation origin: Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine usually includes treatments as a subtitute to western medicine. Many practices have their origins in indigenous cultures and are considered traditional rather than alternative. Examples include Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine of India, acupuncture and homeopathy. Alternative therapies can be effective and are increasingly used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

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Meditation name: Deep Trance Sleep Healing
Deep Trance Sleep Healing · 60:00
284.25k plays · Lisa Hubler
Meditation name: Deep Sleep Meditation
Deep Sleep Meditation · 30:34
207.84k plays · Andrew Johnson
Meditation name: Sleep Into Dreamtime
Sleep Into Dreamtime · 30:23
169.69k plays · Glenda Cedarleaf
Meditation name: Healing Relaxation
Healing Relaxation · 24:08
126.06k plays · Lisa Hubler
Meditation name: Daily Chakra Cleanse Meditation
Daily Chakra Cleanse Meditation · 17:34
100.28k plays · Sara Brooke
Meditation name: Peaceful Kids Guided Relaxation
Peaceful Kids Guided Relaxation · 06:11
81.41k plays · Mellisa Dormoy
Meditation name: Crystal Singing Bowls with Campfire
Crystal Singing Bowls with Campfire · 30:43
76.66k plays · Kathleen Mackay

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