Meditation genre: Sacred Music

Sacred Music

Music can be a direct way to access the Divine. Across a number of different religions and traditions, sacred music shares the purpose of transcending, uniting and elevating the human spirit.

57 audio tracks

Meditation name: Bird of the Soul
Bird of the Soul · 13:01
54.9k plays · Praful
Meditation name: Divine Essence
Divine Essence · 24:48
50.9k plays · Praful
Meditation name: Rosa Carmeli
Rosa Carmeli · 03:28
34.1k plays · Heralds of the Gospel Choir
Meditation name: Forest
Forest · 02:54
33.4k plays · Kathryn Overall
Meditation name: Relaxation
Relaxation · 07:58
30.2k plays · Kathryn McCusker
Meditation name: I Behold You, Noble Woman
I Behold You, Noble Woman · 05:42
16.7k plays · Norma Gentile
Meditation name: Weaving
Weaving · 12:08
13.4k plays · Suzanne Sterling

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