Meditation genre: Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds

The sounds of nature set a serene atmosphere for meditation. They help to quiet a busy mind and aid relaxation. Listen to the birds, sit by the ocean, or take a stroll through the rainforest.

91 audio tracks

Meditation name: "Theta Mare 20" - Binaural Music
"Theta Mare 20" - Binaural Music · 20:00
555.5k plays · Guenther Goerg
Meditation name: Nature Sounds: Flowing Stream
Nature Sounds: Flowing Stream · 40:00
441.6k plays · Owen Jenkins
Meditation name: Nature Sounds: The Ocean
Nature Sounds: The Ocean · 30:00
372.8k plays · Owen Jenkins
Meditation name: Waves Sound: The Black Sea Symphony
Waves Sound: The Black Sea Symphony · 60:00
223.1k plays · François Trésorier (Foren)
Meditation name: Rain & Thunder Sound Therapy
Rain & Thunder Sound Therapy · 92:15
197.5k plays · Satya Desh
Meditation name: Storm
Storm · 27:31
155.3k plays · BlueGum

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