Meditation benefit: Relax ∙ kids

Relax ∙ kids

Mindfulness can help children relax and be present. It can help with anxieties and physical discomfort by focussing on breathing and being in the moment. Deeper breathing encourages the body’s natural relaxation functions and intentional focus on muscle groups can produce a long lasting and restorative relaxation.

34 audio tracks

Meditation name: Children's Rainbow Relaxation
Children's Rainbow Relaxation · 13:06
41.66k plays · Chrissy Ortner
Meditation name: Snowman Relaxation for Kids
Snowman Relaxation for Kids · 07:20
37.03k plays · Adore Yoga
Meditation name: Body Scan for Kids
Body Scan for Kids · 11:38
33.25k plays · Mark Bertin
Meditation name: Child Magical Playground
Child Magical Playground · 10:33
18.25k plays · Kerie Logan
Meditation name: Forest Guided Meditation
Forest Guided Meditation · 04:43
9.18k plays · Julie Campilio
Meditation name: Quiet and Peaceful
Quiet and Peaceful · 03:15
5.84k plays · Calm For Kids

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