Meditation benefit: Happiness ∙ kids

Happiness ∙ kids

Meditation and mindfulness can help achieve a positive outlook. It can help children self-regulate negative emotions and develop good habits making them happier and more compassionate.

19 audio tracks

Meditation name: Peaceful Kids Guided Relaxation
Peaceful Kids Guided Relaxation · 06:11
61.4k plays · Mellisa Dormoy
Meditation name: For Children: Fly like a Bird
For Children: Fly like a Bird · 10:41
19.7k plays · Kerie Logan
Meditation name: Feelings
Feelings · 03:49
13.6k plays · Amy Saltzman
Meditation name: Bubble: Guided Meditation for Children
Bubble: Guided Meditation for Children · 07:45
9.3k plays · Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald
Meditation name: Guided Meditation for Kids
Guided Meditation for Kids · 16:10
7.2k plays · Candida van Rood
Meditation name: Jewel
Jewel · 03:50
4.6k plays · Amy Saltzman

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