Meditation benefit: Connection


Feeling connected to others is a fundamental psychological need. Meditation can foster feelings of closeness and kindness, which can result in increased happiness. People who feel more connected to others have lower levels of anxiety and depression.

77 audio tracks

Meditation name: Solfeggio Sonic Meditation
Solfeggio Sonic Meditation · 31:30
201.39k plays · Glenn Harrold
Meditation name: Reuniting with Your Twin Flame
Reuniting with Your Twin Flame · 28:45
33.95k plays · Dakota Earth Cloud
Meditation name: Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation · 17:01
20.82k plays · Kathryn Remati
Meditation name: Soulmate Circuitry
Soulmate Circuitry · 14:25
11.86k plays · Alison Serour
Meditation name: Drawing in Positive Relationships
Drawing in Positive Relationships · 15:00
9.42k plays · Rachel Alexandria
Meditation name: Gateway to the Heart
Gateway to the Heart · 17:55
9.21k plays · Christine Gilmour
Meditation name: Throat Blue Unity
Throat Blue Unity · 07:35
8.23k plays · Matt Coldrick

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