April 11, 2015 109 likes 23 replies


We are incredibly touched by all the comments of love and support. It has reaffirmed our faith in this wonderful community and set our minds at ease.

We are looking forward to working with you all and being inclusive about future changes.

Many of you have expressed some concern about too many changes. "Don’t fix what ain't broken" has been a recurring theme :)

We agree.

Our initial focus will be updating the code and making sure that it has a strong technology platform for the future so we can manage the growth. (Did you know for example that there are now over 500,000 meditators in this great community? And almost 1,500 new meditators are joining every single day!).

So it's important that we invest in the technology today for a strong future tomorrow.

We are working through a (very!) long list of items - and we are trying to respond to as many of you as we can.

At some stage in May we will be sharing a private link that will allow you to review our proposed updates, share your thoughts, and vote on what gets priority.

We don't have unlimited resources - but we are committed to involving YOU.

With much love and gratitude.