October 9, 2017 2315 likes 186 replies

Hello my friends

Over the last few weeks we've listened to your feedback from the Library update. We received comments about three specific items and we’ve just released an update to address them. (The update should start appearing in the app stores in the next few minutes).

We've added a new navigation at the top of the Explore screen so you're one click away from Popular, Guideds, Music, 365 Day playlist, Talks and Teachers. And we’ve added a refreshed daily content feed directly below it.

My Library
We've consolidated Bookmarks, Teachers, Interests, For You, and Recently Played into a single screen called My Library, which is also just one click from the Explore screen.

We've turned off daily Push Notifications for the 365 Day playlist and ‘Thanks For Meditating’ messages. You will still receive silent in-app notifications in Profile - Notifications, but no longer the noisy Push notification. Because a silent meditation app is a good meditation app.

Sometimes we will get things wrong. But we’re always listening to you. Then we investigate. Then we act.

Finally, for some of our Android users, we are working on a fix for guided meditations which cut off midway. We hope to have a release soon.

Many thanks