Tips for while I am Live

Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.
insight timer live yoga
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.

Read through the following tips that set you up for a successful live stream on Insight Timer.

Engage with the community

Welcome everyone to the session! The Insight Timer community is truly global so expect to have people join you from many cities, countries and continents.

Maximize your donations

Ask for donations 2-3 times during the session and acknowledge people’s generosity. Make people aware that their donations help keep the session free for everyone to join.

Promote your offering on Insight Timer

Talk about your courses and guided meditations on Insight Timer and encourage attendees to follow you in the app.

Adhere to our community guidelines

Please do not promote products that are not on Insight Timer. This includes references to websites, books, courses, and offline retreats.

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