Tips for a great Live event!

Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.
insight timer live yoga
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.

Find valuable tips that set you up for success during your Live event on Insight Timer.

Enter into the live stream earlier than the starting time

We strongly suggest entering 10 minutes early to make sure your camera and microphone are working and that you’re positioned correctly in the frame.

  • Click on the correct Live link from your teacher dashboard
  • Click ‘Enter stream early’

live stream Insight Timer start early

start Insight Timer Live

  • Allow Insight Timer to access your camera and microphone

  • To test your audio before going live, select the unmute button and talk through your mic. You’ll need to make sure you mute yourself before going live, to avoid an echo.

Check your internet connection again

Connection speeds can vary throughout the day so it’s a good idea to test again on Remember, you’re looking for download/upload speeds of at least 10Mbps/7Mbps, and preferably 50Mbps/20Mbps.

Be mindful of bandwidth

Turn off automatic app updates and any file syncing applications that you use (e.g., Dropbox and Google Drive). If possible, ask anyone who shares your WiFi network to avoid activities that might use up internet bandwidth while you are live.

Enable Do Not Disturb mode

The last thing you want when you’re guiding a live session is to receive a phone call! Turn on Do Not Disturb mode on your device so there will be no interruptions to your flow. Instructions for enabling Do Not Disturb on iPhones, Android phones, Apple MacBooks and Windows PCs can be found here.

Charge your device

Video can consume the battery quickly so make sure it’s fully charged. Or better yet, have it plugged in during your session.

Engage with the community

Welcome everyone to the session! The Insight Timer community is truly global so expect to have people join you from many cities, countries and continents.

Maximize your donations

Ask for donations 2-3 times during the session and acknowledge people’s generosity. Make people aware that their donations help keep the session free for everyone to join.

Promote your offering on Insight Timer

Talk about your courses and guided meditations on Insight Timer and encourage attendees to follow you in the app.

Adhere to our community guidelines

Please do not promote products that are not on Insight Timer. This includes references to websites, books, courses, and offline retreats. Find the full overview of our community guidelines here.

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