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Hello my friends

In our first announcement in April we promised to preserve the spiritual nature of this community. Over the last few weeks we've learned that this promise means different things to different users. For some of you a spiritual community means a social experience with a sense of togetherness. For others it means a quiet and personal space that isn't shared.

We hear you.

Today we are releasing an update into both app stores which lets you customize Insight Timer based on your individual preferences. Now, if you want a more social experience you can have one. Or if you prefer quiet solitude, you can hide the social features.

Android Google Play: Version 10.2.8 (available now)
iPhone users (waiting approval - up to 10 days)

Once you've downloaded the update click the Settings icon (top right in the Profile screen) and you'll find two new options:


This setting lets you choose which screen you see when the app opens. There are 7 options; Map, Timer, Presets, Friends, Notifications, Bookmarks and Last Opened. This setting takes effect after 60 minutes of inactivity (so if you briefly minimise the app to do something else, the same screen will appear when you return within the hour).

This setting lets you hide the "Just meditated with" screen after completing a Timer session.

If you are someone who prefers complete solitude simply select the Timer as your opening screen AND hide the "Just Meditated With" screen. This will create an experience which starts and ends on the Timer screen.


For those who felt we tried to impose new social features on them, please be reassured that nothing could be further from the truth. The Timer is the CORE piece of functionality for this community and we are 100% focused on finishing the new Timer.

Timer 2.0 (launching in January) is the first time you will experience something from our team that has been built from the ground up without being restricted by the original code. It contains most of the features requested by the community in our May surveys.

- Unlimited timing option
- Drag and drop interval bells
- Smarter preset management
- Optional ambient background sounds
- Session extensions (without opening your eyes)
- Warm ups (that don't count towards stats)
- Bell vibrate option

I will be reaching out again soon to invite users to help us test Timer 2.0 before we release it to the wider community. In the meantime, please download the latest version of the app when it appears in store and customise your experience according to your personal preferences.


This new update also fixes the Android audio issue (which was effecting Start/Ending bells) and the disappearing text (when switching from portrait to landscape mode while posting a group message).


We have completed the iPad update. We are now testing it and will release into the Apple store next week. Thank you for hanging in there with us.


Many thanks