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Hello my friends

It has now been a month since we uploaded the last round of suggestions.

We wanted to provide feedback on 15 July. However there were many interesting comments about our ideas (especially pricing) so we left the questionnaire open for an extra two weeks.

Here is the feedback:


Over 85% of you like the new navigation concepts. We will make a few small changes based on your feedback. (For example, many of you didn't like the word "audio" for the Guided Meditations section. So we will simply call this section "Guideds"). But essentially everyone is happy with the approach.

Many of you 'read' Group posts. A smaller group of you 'publish' in Groups. The big confirmation for us is that many of you would use Groups more often if they were easier to navigate. We are working hard to make improvements.

80% of you listen to Guided Meditations 'often or sometimes'. They are an important part of the Insight experience. We are approving new audio content almost every day now. And we have received lots of feedback (similar to groups) that navigating and searching needs to be a LOT easier. We are working hard to make improvements.

78% of you would be prepared to pay a small fee to download guided meditations - if they are of a high quality. 21% of you feel very strongly against this idea. We are working through some solutions. [Clarification: Fees for a guided meditation would only be charged once for unlimited use. We did not mean there will be a fee each time you play a guided meditation. I apologise for this confusion]. Based on our proposed pricing arrangements, many publishers have already started preparing new content that we are excited to publish when Insight 2.0 is launched.

Many of you are also excited about our new Audio Upload idea. This will let users upload content that they have already purchased from other sources and incorporate them into the Insight experience, including milestones and stats. So if you have purchased content elsewhere already you will not need to purchase it again.

A small number of you suggested the ability to make a donation instead of paying a fee. We are a looking into how this might work.


Finally, we have changed our product roadmap slightly. Based on the feedback you have all provided, we now have enough work to launch Insight 2.0 before we are ready to present new ideas for Insight 3.0

The team is now hard at work (in Sydney, Paris, London, Ukraine, Lithuania, and the USA!) building the new version. We hope to launch Insight 2.0 before Christmas - hopefully earlier. I will be providing regular updates on our progress along the way.

Thank you again for being a part of Insight - and helping us build a stronger platform for everyone.

With much gratitude
Christopher and Nicholas