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Hello my friends

We've made a number of updates to Groups this month. All changes have already been deployed to the app except two which will require an app store update. (See items 5 and 6 below).


Flagged posts are no longer automatically deleted. Instead, a notification is sent to the group administrator who decides whether the post should remain or be removed. This ensure administrators set the 'tone' for their individual groups, not one or two roaming users.

Administrators can now ban individual group members by clicking the three dots beside the user's post or profile screen. We won't arbitrate banning decisions between admins and members.

- The grey background is gone. So is the light grey text.
- It's now possible to Like a post without having to click through to the Replies page.
- It's now possible to view the entire message (instead of a truncated version) while scrolling through the group tab.
- New Like and Reply buttons.
- Group administrators can customise the colour behind the group thumbnail by logging in at

Group Admins can now appoint Moderators to assist them with group management. Moderator responsibilities include

- Approve group join requests
- Unflag/Delete flagged posts
- Lock discussions
- Ban/Unban members

Admin responsibilities include the four items above plus

- Appoint/Remove moderators
- Edit group description, rules, thumbnail and colour.
- Delete group


NOTE: These two features below requires an update from the app stores before you will be able to see them. The iOS update will be available on the app store at some stage over the weekend. The Android update will also be available early next week (possibly earlier).

Later this week (after updating your app from the app stores), you will notice that when clicking the back arrow from a Post screen, your scroll position on the previous screen is remembered (so you're no longer taken back to the top of the list of the previous screen).

Later this week (after updating your app from the app stores) you will see a new primary tab in Groups called Stream. The new tab displays the latest posts from ALL groups you've joined so you can scan Posts and Replies from multiple groups without having to enter each group individually. It's a huge timer saver.


With much gratitude

PS...I'm very happy to say that the Android update will also include the long awaited Timer 2.0! Yes, I know it's been a long time coming, but we've now finished user testing and will deploy the Timer 2.0 for Android very soon. I will reach out with new instructions for Android Timer 2.0 in the next few days.