November 17, 2015 584 likes 53 replies

Hello my iPhone friends

Apple has just approved the update for both iPhone apps. (There are two iPhone versions of Insight Timer. We are merging them into a single version in 2.0 but more on that much later).



- App icon with BROWN background is update version on the app store (replaced with a new BLACK background icon).

- App icon with BLUE background is update version on the app store (replaced with a new WHITE background icon).


You do not need to pay anything to update. This is the case for users of BOTH versions of the iPhone app. If you are having difficulties updating please send an email to and our team will take care of you.

The update is compatible with iOS 7.1, iOS 8 and iOS 9 and above - which is the same as your current version. We do not support 7.0 and below.

The new update requires new users to register. (If you already have an account, simply login).

This feature was implemented to allow users to sync between devices, store presets, and (eventually) interact with groups and guided meditations on your computer. We have received some negative reviews on the Google Play store about compulsory registration from a very small number of our Android users. We have received many (many!) more 5 star reviews, but negative reviews seem to receive higher visibility for some reason. So if you enjoy the iPhone update, please rate and review our team's efforts on the App store. We would love your support!

1.5 is a stepping stone towards 2.0 and is still built on the old code base - which contains many technical limitations. This means some screens will load slower than others and transitions from one screen to the next may 'hang' slightly. There is nothing we can do about this until 2.0 arrives. (For those that are interested, this is a limitation of the way certain browsers render web pages. The issue is much less obvious on Android which renders pages differently).

Some of us use the iPhone app on our iPads as well. (I'm one of them.) You will notice that Landscape mode has been temporarily disabled. We will be providing an update soon.

We are now 4 days into our 7 day transition. This is a very complex task while we move almost 600,000 users from one platform to another AND keep both platforms running at the same time. Some things may go wrong. Our team is working around the clock to fix things as they arise. If you see a bug please send an email to and we will take action.

That's it for now.

With much gratitude

PS: Here's an interesting number for our statisticians. Yesterday our community meditated for 1,543,337 minutes. That's the equivalent of 25,722 hours. Or 1,071 days. Almost 3 years of meditation in a single 24 hour period! WOW. You can now watch our collective efforts alongside yours every day in the new "10,000" section.