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Hello my friends

We are now 3 days into our 7 day transition period.

ANDROID (Google Play)
Over 50% of users have already updated to the latest release. Wonderful! (If you haven't updated yet please visit the Google Play store and update to version 10.2.5). Until you update some features won't behave correctly because the NEW NAVIGATION BARS AT THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF YOUR SCREEN WONT APPEAR YET).

We are still waiting for Apple to approve the update into the App Store. It feels like an eternity! Average wait time for app approval is currently 7 days. So all we can do is wait. This means our iPhone users will continue to find navigational errors in certain sections because the NEW NAVIGATION BARS AT THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF YOUR SCREEN WONT APPEAR YET.

We are working on providing an update for you as soon as possible. Please hang in there with us.

We do not have an update ready for you but we will be making an announcement about this when the transition is over.


Answers to questions from this weekend:

1. We have not removed the "Thanks for Meditating" feature, Stats, or Milestones. They are some of our favorites! Once you update they will return.

2. We are currently fixing the following items

- Cut and paste bug for Android users
- Bookmarks not displaying (fixed now)
- "Thanks for meditating" button not appearing for some users (fixed now)
- Invite to group from within a profile page. (You can still invite to group within the Information tab)
- Follow discussion thread
- Nearby filter (and displaying nearby users on homepage)
- Screen dim settings on Timer screen is too dark.

3. Some users are angry the app now requires registration. The reason is simple. Thousands of users asked us to provide syncing between devices - which can't be done without registration.

4. As a result, a very small number of users have sadly chosen to write some unkind things about us on the Google Play store. Reading hurtful reviews while we're in the middle of a major transition is very distracting for our team. If you are enjoying the new update I'm sure the team would love you to add a rating and/or review on the Google Play store.

5. When the transition period is over I will provide a post (for those that are interested) about why the transition had to occur in this order. It was NOT our preferred way - but in the end we had very little choice for technical reasons. Please be patient with us while we continue to work through things day by day.

This continues to be a great learning experience for us. The majority of messages we've received have been very positive. We thank you all for that. There are some users who aren't happy with our approach - please give us a little more time to complete the transition before rushing to conclusions. We will listen to you. And we will make things right.

Peace and love my friends. Peace and Love.

With much gratitude