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Hello my friends

I'm sorry this is a long post but there's a lot to cover today. If you're not interested in the detail just read the summary points below.


1. Timer 2.0 begins rolling out this month - starting today with our iPhone users.
2. Premium features are now free for everyone.
3. You can optionally purchase audio content (bells and ambients) if you wish
4. We've introduced more privacy options
5. We've learned a lot from our volunteer testers



- iOS8 and iOS 9 iPhone users
Download now. (If you are using Apple's recent BETA iOS9.3 release please note we do not provide support for beta iOS releases).

- iOS7
It is no longer viable for us to support iOS 7 users. If you wish to install this latest update you will need to update iOS first. (I have provided reasons why in the FAQs below).

- Android
Available April

- iPad
Available May

As promised after our surveys in May 2015, we've now merged all the premium meditation tools into one free version. So now you can store presets, create interval bells, select multiple strikes and log journal entries without paying a cent. (Both the black and white icon are now identical - and both free).

You can optionally purchase extra bells and new ambient sounds if you wish. Over time we hope to publish hundreds of audio options from our wonderful publishers, musicians and recording artists.

- Now you can opt-out entirely of the 'thanks for meditating' feature. This means you won't see others who've just meditated after the Timer finishes, and they won't be able to see you (or send you Thanks messages).

- You can also now restrict who sees your recent activity list (on your Profile screen) to friends only.

Thank you to all our generous test volunteers who've provided wonderful feedback testing the new Timer. We are already working on including your feedback into the next release.


Q: Why are we releasing in phases?
A: We wanted to release Android and iPad at the same time as iPhone but we simply didn't have enough resources to deploy at the same time. If you have offered to test the Android version you will be receiving instructions in the next few weeks.

Q: Why don't we support iOS 7 anymore?
A: Every platform that we have to support requires additional resources. Our iOS 7 users now represent less than 3% of our entire user base. Apple has begun winding down support for iOS (it is almost 3 years old now). And many audio features in the latest Timer simply aren't possible on iOS 7.

Q: Why the new privacy features?
A: Some users have expressed concern their recent activity is available for all to see. Fair enough. Now you can hide this screen so that only friends can see your recent activity list. (Please note that your single most recent activity will still appear on the map screen).

Q: What are the new Timer features?
A: There's a lot of them!

- Session extensions
It is now possible to extend your meditation sessions without opening your eyes and then log the extra minutes with a single tap. Please note this feature is only available with the Timer - we will be rolling this feature out for Guided Meditations shortly.

- Infinite time (count up, not down)
It is now possible to start meditating without a pre-determined time limit and log your minutes on completion

- Silent vibratiion
You can now select a silent vibration instead of a bell for the start/end points

- Ambient sounds
It is now possible to select ambient music which loops continuously in the background while you meditate. There are 5 beautiful free sounds and 2 optional collections for purchase, with many more to come. (Musicians please reach out to learn more about promoting your music).

- Drag & Drop interval bells
We've created a new interface for creating interval bells, which our team has been using for over a month now. We find it much easier. However during user testing some users suggested we could make improvements by adding a summary timeline (which would reduce dragging distance). We are working on this already.

- Thanks for meditating
We've designed a new post-meditation process which doesn't turn bright white and ruin your zen like state just after finishing a session:) Plus we've introduced an easier swiping mechanism to view friends who've meditated with you.

- Auto-lock delay
You can now tell your device when to automatically 'sleep' after sensing no activity at the end of a session. (For those who fall asleep while listening to guided meditations!). Go to Profile -- Settings -- Timer settings -- Auto-lock delay

- Personalised images on Countdown screen
You can now personalise your background screen for session countdowns. Go to Profile -- Settings -- Timer settings -- Background image


That's it for now my friends. We are still working hard on Android and iPad - so I may not be very responsive for the next few weeks. But we will be reading your comments and taking them all into account. As we always do!