How can I prepare for my live event?

Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.
insight timer live yoga
Insight Timer is the top free meditation app on iOS and Android.

Mark off the tips below to ensure a successful Live event on Insight Timer.

Have a compelling curriculum

A great title alone can’t do all the heavy lifting. It’s important that you spend some time planning your session with a clear vision of what you’re going to cover. Having notes that you can see when you’re looking at the camera can help you stay on track.

We have put together some content ideas for your live event here.

Get the word out

Regularly promoting your live sessions makes all the difference. Share the link for your live event on your social media accounts, website, email list etc, and encourage your followers to share with their friends.

Login to your Teacher Dashboard, select the Live Event tab and share from your upcoming events.

How can I share my event…

Via the Teacher Dashboard…

  • Log into your Teacher Profile on the website
  • Click ‘Live Events’ from the menu bar
  • Click the share icon to the the right of the event you wish to share

Via the App

  • Log into your Teacher Profile on your iOS or Android device (make sure it’s the latest version of the app)
  • Click ‘Live’ on the bottom nav bar
  • Click the share icon on the top right of the event card

Set the scene

Once you’ve found a location with a good internet connection, plan the ‘look and feel’ for your live stream. Consider how the location, lighting and sound quality reflect your brand and your message. If you’re using your phone, make sure your camera can be supported with a tripod or on a stable surface.

Test your internet connection

Nothing ruins a live stream quicker than bad internet, as it can cause glitches, pauses, and even disconnect you. We recommend testing your connection using and make sure that your download/upload speeds are at least 10Mbps/7Mbps, and preferably 50Mbps/20Mbps. If you don’t have a good connection then consider a different location or switch between WiFi and your cellular network.

Find out what technical equipment you need to go live on Insight Timer here.

Create your next event

We recommend having at least 2 live sessions scheduled at any one time. At the end of every session we’ll promote your next one. You’ll also be able to talk about your future live streams, which will encourage our community to join you on a regular basis. To create your next live, login to your Teach Dashboard, select the Live Event Tab, followed by Create.

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