October 14, 2016 841 likes 79 replies

Hello my friends

We've just published 12 new playlists for our Guided Meditations library, making 22 in total. Every playlist now has a new setting for receiving a notification when tracks are added. Simply visit the playlist page and turn on the notification.

Many of you have asked us to reduce the number of notifications that are sent for Group activity. We agree. The red dot should only appear for "personal" items like Messages, Friend requests and Replies/Likes to your own posts.

So from today you will no longer receive notifications each time someone posts a new message into one of your groups. (Groups Admins and Mods will continue to receive notifications). If you don't like this change, simply turn the notifications back on with the new setting we've added to the Information tab inside each group.

We hope these changes will reduce notification 'noise', and ensure more meaningful notifications are prioritized.

Many thanks

PS: We meditated for 1 million hours in September. A new achievement for us all.