December 31, 2016 738 likes 139 replies

Hello my friends

Depending on where you sit, the sun will rise in a few hours for the first time in 2017.

Before we look forward, let us quickly look back.

In 2016 we collectively meditated for 3/4 billion minutes. That's more than half a million days, or 1,520 years. And there are now 900 meditation teachers sharing their work with our community. We couldn't be in better hands.

Tomorrow, 365 DAYS TOGETHER begins. Over 35,000 of us have committed to meditating every day in 2017. I could be wrong but this might just be the largest meditation experiment ever, over an entire year. Which means we're not just creating a better future this year, we're also making history.

Our publishing manager Maddy has just uploaded the first Guided Meditation to the 365 DAY playlist. It's a short introduction to what's coming over the next 20 days. And she will upload one new guided meditation every day throughout the year.

The playlist will include an eclectic mix of teachings from all over the world, spanning different meditation types and origins. You'll meet teachers from far off lands, explore different perspectives, and discover new ideas. Some will be secular, some scientific, some spiritual and some religious. It'll be like Charlie exploring Mr Wonka's chocolate factory!

So deep breath my friends. 'Nothing' ventured, 'nothing' gained. And remember, 2017 isn't about goals or measurement or analysis. It's about compassion for others. And yourself.

Nicho and I - and the entire Insight Timer team - wish you all a happy and safe 2017.


PS: We are just about to release an update to the App Store which fixes the Guided Meditations bug. We're deeply sorry about this - it has been very frustrating for a number of users - including me.