August 13, 2017 748 likes 131 replies

Hello my friends

We've just released a new guided meditation library into the iOS App Store. (Android coming end of August). This is our biggest update since Insight Timer launched in 2009 and I want to personally thank our 1,300 teachers - many of whom worked closely with our team for 18 months helping categorise their teachings into hundreds of origins, benefits, and practice types.

New features include:


1. Redesigned screens which make it easier to connect directly with your favorite teachers (click the Follow buttons!) and be notified when they upload new teachings

2. The ability to follow Origins, Benefits, Practices and Music genres

3. A new search engine for finding Teachers based on things you're interested in

4. Private listening to hide specific Guided Meditations from your activity list

5. The ability to share your favorite Teachers and Guided Meditations with friends

6. New filters for discovering Teachers and Guided Meditations based on your spiritual, religious, secular or scientific preferences.


As with any major update, it will take a few days to familiarise yourself with the features. I've been using the latest version for 2 months and I'm discovering so much more than ever before!

As I mentioned in June, this is the second of three major updates. I'm looking forward to sharing the next update with you October.

With much gratitude

PS: Below is a podcast of me talking about the update in more detail. (You may need to upgrade to the latest version for the link to work).